Terms and Conditions:

Any payments made on the websites "http://www.rustenas.com""rustenas.zapto.org" or "rustenas.jimdo.com" are a donation to support your community and help with costs of maintaining a gaming server, the items you receive for donating are a good-will gesture from the Server Owner; This is not an online store; you are not making a purchase.

•From the first time you access the in game resources/items (kits) this payment is not refundable.

•If you make a mistake with your purchase please contact us immediately.

•Purchases cannot protect you from server issues or hackers (but we do our best); Please remember that this is an Alpha game and server downtime and instability are to be expected.

•Purchases are a one-time payment (it's not an ongoing subscription) All rewards will expire after 30 days; If you enjoy your rewards you pay either pay again after the 30 day period, or renew your 30 days by donating within your time frame.

•If you require support - please contact us at contact@rustenas.com. Additional support can be requested through Steam. Server administrators can be found in the steam group (steamcommunity.com/groups/rustenas).

Please note:

RusTenas will not be help responsible for any loss of your in-game rewards through loss of raiding or theft.
When you redeem you rewards you are soley responsible for the safety and safe-keeping of these items.

RusTenas will not be help accountable for any damages, down-time and loss of rewards through Rust updates/Server Maintenance and/or in-game raiding.